Montreal’s SmartHalo turns any bike into a smartbike [VIDEO]

Device pairs with your smartphone to act as a visual navigation guide.



MONTREAL — A Canadian technology company has developed an attachment that will instantly make your bicycle “smart.”

The SmartHalo, which at first look is more hockey puck-like than super-powered “connected” device, attaches to the handlebars of any normal bike and pairs with your smartphone to act as a visual navigation guide, complete with turn-by-turn signaling.

The idea is meant to keep cyclists eyes on the road and off their phone or smartwatch when navigating around town.

The SmartHalo is the latest addition to a wealth of technologies dedicated to creating new modes of transportation and launching apps that augment existing ones.

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Along the route, SmartHalo will provide a simple green lighting prompt to tell you when you need to turn. The unit is connected via Bluetooth to a the dedicated app on your smartphone. When a turn is approaching, the signal beams a white and green warning. When you’ve made a wrong turn, you’ll get a red flashing prompt. Another light notifies you when you get a phone call.

The device also connects with the app to provide biking statistics, including distance traveled, average speed and calories burned. It allows to check up on your bike if you’ve locked up somewhere, and it’s weather resistant. An alarm is included in case someone tries to rip the device off your bike.

The device, which will retail for $149, also automatically detects nightfall, when it automatically turns on a front-mounted headlamp. The light turns itself off when you stop and dismount. SmartHalo’s creators say the battery will last up to three weeks.

The device is available to early adopters for $99 via Kickstarter, where the company’s campaign has already surpassed $40,000 of its $50,000 goal.

The devices are expected to be available by May 2016.

Check out the cool video below from SmartHalo’s Kickstarter webpage.

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