Millennials most likely to return to previous employer

But Monster survey reveals most boomers aren't boomeranging.

August 18, 2016   by PLANT STAFF

TORONTO — Does goodbye to an employer really mean “goodbye?” Not for millennials, according to a survey from Monster Canada that shows half of respondents aged 18-34 would likely return.

“It appears that millennials are having satisfying experiences at work that may easily draw them back to an employer,” says Sheryl Boswell, director of marketing for Monster Canada. “They sometimes leave equipped with the experience and intention of returning to the employer in a more advanced role.”

But of those (55 and older) nearing the end of their career, seven out of 10 have never returned to a job they left.

The survey, conducted by Leger, found four in 10 Canadians would be likely to return to an employer. Overall, men are more likely (44%) than women (36%) to boomerang. So far in their careers, more than one in three millennials (36%) have boomeranged to a previous employer.


One-quarter (23%) of respondents likely to return to a previous employer say the top reason is salary. For men, this is also the top reason (25%). For women, the top reason is work/life balance (24%).

Other reasons Canadians for returning are: opportunities for growth and personal development (17%); missing the people (17%); work culture (11%); and a desire to work for the company’s current leadership (7%).

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