Microsoft launches Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights in preview

Maryam Farag   

General Manufacturing manufacturer manufacturing Microsoft supply chain Technology

Photo: Microsoft.

Microsoft has announced the preview launch of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights to help organizations “achieve a supply chain that is resilient, sustainable, and capable of sensing, predicting, and mitigating disruptions before they occur.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights enables organizations to create a digital representation of their physical supply chain and enhance the end-to-end visibility of their entire value chain. 

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights breaks down data siloes by connecting and taking inputs from existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain systems across the organization. Businesses can further invite suppliers to securely share data and gain visibility into their first, second, or third-tier suppliers. 

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights will also be available through Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing.


Built on Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights uses these inputs and creates a digital twin of the supply chain. Using advanced analytics powered by Azure’s AI and Machine Learning, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights performs predictions and What-if analyses to simulate the impact of potential disruptions and gauge the impact of decisions made to mitigate them at any point along the supply chain.



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