Micron ships medical grade face masks to a BC municipality

Operating at full capacity, seeking government tenders across Canada and US.

October 15, 2020   by PLANT STAFF

VANCOUVER — Micron Technologies Inc. has shipped its first order of three-ply medical grade face masks to an unnamed lower mainland BC municipality and has submitted bids to provincial government tenders.

The Vancouver subsidiary of Micron Waste Technologies Inc. said its assembly line is operating at full capacity.

The masks meet ASTM F2100 Standards level three certification requirements that ensure they have a bacterial filtration efficiency of greater than or equal to 98%, which is recognized by both Health Canada and the FDA in the US.

“Supply of medical grade face masks is currently constrained and we hope to have success with the government tenders across Canada and United States,” said Harvey Sidhu, president of Micron Technologies. “We have submitted several provincial government bids that we believe are very competitive and we hope to have success with several of these bids in the coming weeks.”


The manufacturer has also received its N95 mask-manufacturing machine and it has produced and submitted N95 face masks to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health for certification as medical grade N95 face masks.


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