Manufacturing energized

Managing industrial electricity use more efficiently for savings and sustainability.

March 20, 2016   by PLANT Staff

IESO-1TORONTO — The cost of electricity is a concern for many Ontario companies, especially those with operations that consume a lot of it. Yet many manufacturers aren’t as engaged as they could or should be in meaningful strategies that would give them a break on costs while helping to reduce a plant’s impact on climate and the environment.

Most Ontario manufacturers fall into the smaller end of the SME category, so it’s safe to say resources for energy management are more limited than those available to their larger brethren. But companies of all sizes have common cause in seeking more efficient ways of using electricity and there are experts, tools and programs available to help make it happen.

The development of these strategies, and their related challenges, were the topic of a roundtable of energy efficiency experts in Toronto last April hosted by PLANT and the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO).

Although electricity for some is considered just a cost of doing business, it’s a cost that can be better managed. For those without an energy efficiency strategy in place, now is a good time to get energized.


Download the PLANT/IESO report, Manufacturing Energized, here.

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