Man rocks Beatles tune on guitar during brain surgery [VIDEO]

Brazilian banker sings for surgeons with a six-song set by balancing guitar on his stomach.

BrainguitarSANTA CATARINA, Brazil — A Brazilian bank worker, who was kept conscious during a nine-hour surgery to remove a brain tumour, crooned surgeons by rocking out six song on his acoustic guitar, including the Beatles’ hit “Yesterday.”

Anthony Kulkamp Dias, 33, was diagnosed with a brain tumour after he had a problem stammering and was unable to pronounce the name of his car.

He also played a song he wrote for his young son Emmanuel, who was born 15 days after doctors discovered Dias’ tumour.

Dias has been a professional guitarist for more than 20 years, and balanced the his guitar on his stomach during the operation.

Doctors encouraged him to play during the surgery so they could monitor the areas of the brain related to speech and motor coordination to ensure there was no damage once the tumour was removed.

And there’s a nice ending to this incredible story: Surgeons were able to remove 90% of the tumour and Dias has been discharged from the hospital to return home to his family.

Watch the amazing video below.

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  1. John Doak says:

    Well, well, well, and ……….
    well I am SO Glad that Plant mag. published this good news piece; it’s a change from the general news clamour. Truly a great health and recovery
    story, for Sr. Dias.

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