Man charged with trying to steal robotics firm trade secrets

Dual Chinese and Canadian citizen found trespassing at Medrobotics.

BOSTON — Federal authorities have charged a dual Chinese and Canadian citizen with trying to steal valuable trade secrets from a Massachusetts surgical robotics company.

The US attorney’s office in Boston says 44-year-old Dong “Kevin” Liu was charged with attempted theft of trade secrets and attempted access to a computer without authorization.

He was detained after an initial court appearance. His public defender declined to comment on the allegations.

Authorities say Liu was spotted the evening of Aug. 28 by the CEO of Raynham-based Medrobotics Corp. in the company’s conference room with three open laptops. When the CEO asked what he was doing, Liu allegedly said he was meeting three people, including the CEO himself.

The CEO knew there was no such meeting. The CEO called local police, who charged Liu with trespassing.

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