Lignol, Territory Biofuels to reopen Australian biodiesel plant

Darwin, Australia facility has an annual capacity of 150 million litres of biodiesel.

March 11, 2013   by PLANT STAFF

VANCOUVER—Lignol Energy Corp. and Territory Biofuels Ltd. (TBF) have signed a collaborative technology agreement to restart TBF’s 150 million litre per year biodiesel plant and gycerine refinery in Darwin, Australia.

TBF owns a large scale biorefining facility located in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, which includes a Lurgi designed biodiesel plant and the only glycerine refinery in Australia.

The $80 million facility was commissioned in 2008, along with 38 million litres of related tankage. The biodiesel plant is the largest in Australia with a maximum capacity of 150 million litres per year. Originally built to run on food-grade vegetable oil, the plant was shut down in 2009 due to feedstock constraints.

TBF intends to restart the existing facility utilizing feedstocks such as tallow and used cooking oil and then plans to integrate new feedstock pre-treatment technologies and catalysts to process a broader range of feedstocks such as lower quality tallow and palm sludge oil (PSO), a waste product from palm oil mill extraction.


Lignol owns 100% of the issued and voting share of Lignol Innovations Ltd., and has interests in both Australian Renewable Fuels Ltd. and Territory Biofuels Ltd.

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