Liberal MP warns against ‘class warfare’ rhetoric on proposed tax changes

Should be careful about targeting any one group when making the case for its policies.

September 20, 2017   by CP STAFF

OTTAWA — Liberal MPs are heading into their weekly caucus meeting ready for a robust discussion about a controversial plan to get rid of tax provisions used by many small businesses – a plan a number of backbenchers strongly oppose.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been sounding defiant as he makes the case for the changes, saying they are about making sure the system does not encourage wealthy Canadians to pay lower taxes than those in the middle class.

Montreal MP Nicola Di Iorio says he disagrees with the rhetoric being aimed at the wealthy, noting the Liberals campaigned for everyone.

He says the government should not engage in “class warfare” and should be careful about targeting any one group – including the rich – when making the case for its policies.

Manitoba MP MaryAnn Mihychuk says she hopes the government is looking at some changes to the plan, saying the Liberals need to reset their relationship with business and show they understand its contribution to the economy.

The proposed changes have sparked a revolt by doctors, farmers, small business owners, but Trudeau has said that while he is listening to their concerns, he plans to stick with the overall approach.

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