Levo and Ecolution Power partner to fund electric buses and charging stations powered by kinetic energy

Maryam Farag   

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Ecolution Power Company has signed an LOI to collaborate with Levo Mobility LLC to help create the first smart city to achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

Ecolution plans to deploy its patented module active response system (MARS) proof-of-concept in Greenville, SC, followed by a roll-out of its technology in Minnesota for 2022.

Ecolution’s MARS technology harvests kinetic energy from moving train cars and truck trailers, generating affordable clean electricity which is downloaded into a micro-grid at the train station, at buildings in the city, or placed directly into the central electric grid.

Through a project joint venture which may be funded by Levo, Ecolution plans to supply St. Paul and the Twin Cities area in Minnesota with electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging stations powered by its rail-to-grid technology.


“Trains consume a great deal of energy. Our technology recycles that energy, and in the process lowers electricity costs and carbon emissions,” said Johanne Medina Then, CEO and Co-founder, Ecolution. “This transformative process is now becoming reality with the support of our engineering partners, Day & Zimmermann and KTM Engineering in South Carolina.”

Ecolution recently executed a non-binding letter of intent with Levo whereby Ecolution would seek up to $30 million of capital from Levo to fund the purchase of electric buses in phase one of the Minnesota project.

“Levo is committed to reducing CO2 emissions by leveraging technology and providing an affordable, simple approach to electrification. We manage the entire, end-to-end process for our customers so they can electrify quickly and confidently,” said Maggie Clancy, Chief Commercial Officer, Levo.




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