Letenda unveils Electrip, zero-emission city buses designed in Quebec

March 2, 2022   Maryam Farag

Photo: Letenda.

Letenda unveiled its new generation of zero-emission transit buses designed for electric propulsion and Canadian winter conditions. The first model, named Electrip, is engineered in Quebec.

“We are proud to present today the result of six years of research and effort: the Electrip, an electrically powered city bus designed to withstand winter temperatures. This achievement was made possible with the help of an experienced team including world leaders in electric vehicle technologies and Quebec manufacturers to develop and market an innovative bus,” said Nicolas Letendre, President and CEO, Letenda.

The Electrip is an ultra-lightweight, long-range, nine-metre intermediate bus. The vehicle’s modular structure is mainly made of aluminum and inspired by the aeronautics industry. Depending on the configuration chosen, its full low floor throughout the passenger area can accommodate up to 45 people, including 24 seated passengers and up to six wheelchairs.