Kunst Solutions launches organization first aid

March 10, 2021   Maryam Farag

Kunst Solutions Corp. has launched organizational first aid; a solution that allows access to live virtual support from lean practitioner industry experts in short sessions.

“After years of working on long consulting engagements with leaders of multinational organizations, we realized that a large group of decision-makers out there needs expert organizational support, but didn’t have access to it.”. said Richard Kunst, President, Kunst Solutions.

A 40-minute session costs $184, where leaders can receive consulting advice on resolving concerns, identifying options, solving specific problems, validating a path, or coaching and mentorship.

“The great need for a cost-effective solution that helps leaders is why we created organizational first aid,” said Mariela Castaño-Kunst, COO, Kunst Solutions. “Lean methodologies have proven so successful for our large clients to maximize profits by improving processes. We wanted to create a tool that supports leaders by providing immediate expert support using the same tools.”


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