Kingspan to use lignin for construction products

March 15, 2010   by PLANT STAFF

Inside view of the Lignol plant in Vancouver.

Photo: Lignol

Lignol Energy Corp. and Kingspan Group PLC will be jointly developing commercial applications incorporating Lignol’s High-Purity Lignin (HP-L) and lignin derivatives into various products.

The agreement between Lignol, a Vancouver-based developer of cellulosic ethanol and biorefining technologies, and Kingspan, a global supplier of construction products based in Ireland, involves using the lignin as a replacement for some of the raw materials presently used in Kingspan’s products.

Lignol’s modified solvent-based pre-treatment technology that converts cellulose from biomass to ethanol produces high purity lignins that can be engineered to meet the chemical properties and functional requirements of a range of industrial applications.

“The development of products containing materials that have environmental benefits is a major objective of Kingspan’s corporate sustainability program,” said Peter Wilson, a group director of the company. “We are interested in exploring potential applications for renewable sustainable materials such as Lignol’s HP-L lignin within our business for several key reasons, including reducing the business’ carbon footprint.”

Lignol’s technology is based on original ‘Alcell’ biorefining technology developed by General Electric and Repap Enterprises. 

The company recently established a Cellulosic Ethanol Development Centre in Vancouver that consists of a pilot plant, a state of the art enzyme development laboratory and an engineering group.

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