Your kid can now have their own Tesla Model S [VIDEO]

Radio Flyer and electric car-maker team up to build a luxury car for kids.

Come May, Tesla’s Model S electric car won’t be restricted to only highways and city streets.

Radio Flyer – the company best known for those little red wagons that parents use to shuttle their youngins around – and the California-based automaker owned by Elon Musk have teamed up to produce a kid-friendly version of Tesla’s popular electric vehicle.

Musk even confirmed Tesla’s involvement in the project via Twitter.

The $500 Model S for kids is now available for pre-oder is expected to be shipped in May. And like its much larger counterpart, the Model S is powered by batteries. The standard models come with a 140 watt lithium-ion battery pack that can be upgraded to a 190 watt pack for an extra $50.

Maximum speed is set to 6 mph, but parents are able limit it to 3 mph. There will be working headlights, a sound system and a “spacious interior,” as long as between 3-8 and weigh under 81 lbs.

Naturally, the little car wouldn’t bear the Tesla insignia if it didn’t have a few option to personalize the car too. Parents can customize the car’s paint and even upgrade to premium colours for an extra $15. There’s also Tesla-branded license plates, a parking sign and a $50 indoor car cover.

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  1. Anatoli says:

    Wow! I’d like to buy this beauty car for my grandson. Thanks for your nice ad.

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