Jet It and JetClub move forward with electric airplanes

June 23, 2021   Maryam Farag

Photo: Jet It.

Jet It and JetClub have entered an agreement to launch the seven-passenger, all electric, twin turboprop aircraft, eFlyer 800, for Bye Aerospace.

“The evolution of travel continues with this investment in sustainable aviation. At $1,600 an hour, our fleet of HondaJets is by far the cost leader in private travel and also, given the incredibly low-carbon footprint of the HondaJet, extremely friendly to the environment,” said Glenn Gonzales, Co-Founder and CEO, Jet It. “The operating efficiency and zero emissions of the eFlyer 800 will allow Jet It and JetClub to deliver more value to travelers by further reducing the cost to travel while driving towards zero net emissions.”

Jet It and JetClub, North Carolina-based sister companies, have signed a purchase agreement for a fleet of eFlyer 800 and four eFlyer 4 aircraft. Slated to be in operation by 2025, the eFlyer seats up to seven passengers and one or two pilots, and boasts cruise speeds of 320 knots, and a ceiling of 35,000 feet.

“The remarkable economy and flight performance from eFlyer 800 is ideal for Jet It, JetClub and their customers in the United States, Canada, Europe and beyond,” said George, E. Bye, CEO, Bye Aerospace.


“Sustainability is a key pillar of our philosophy. We operate highly fuel-efficient HondaJets and use sustainable products in our cabin. While aviation contributes only three per cent of global emissions, that is not enough for us. We want to be at zero per cent and today with this announcement, are investing towards that goal. Together with Bye Aerospace, we will achieve zero emission affordable air travel this decade. This is a momentous leap in aviation sustainability in our industry.” said Gonzales.