Infinite Material Solutions launches microporous 3D printing material

Maryam Farag   

General Machinery and Equipment Maintenance Manufacturing 3D printing manufacturer manufacturing

Infinite Material Solutions LLC. launched Caverna PP; a 3D printing filament that allows users to create lightweight foam parts resembling a sponge.

Designed for use in fused filament fabrication (FFF) systems, Caverna PP is the first in Infinite’s line of forthcoming Caverna build materials. Each one will be a blend of two polymers: a soluble material to be removed through dissolution, and an insoluble build material (in this case, polypropylene) to remain. After dissolution, the water-soluble phase leaves behind a cave-like network of microporous, interconnected channels inside the build material.

“With so many breakthroughs happening on a regular basis, additive manufacturing is an exciting space to participate in,” said Larry Doerr, COO, Infinite Material Solutions LLC. “I’m extremely proud of our team for once again creating a material that stands out and redefines what’s possible with FFF — and I’m excited to watch the industry take Caverna PP’s unique capabilities and run with them.”



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