IBM Canada launches Cloud Modernization Centre in Gatineau

September 27, 2021   Maryam Farag

IBM Canada announced the launch of the IBM Cloud Modernization Centre (CMC), located in the Zibi neighbourhood of Gatineau, providing opportunities for 50 new jobs.

According to the findings of an IBM Canada survey, there is increased urgency for tech modernization in government – something the CMC can help address. Nearly all (94 per cent) of the business and government IT decisionmakers polled think modernizing government technology and cloud infrastructure would improve efficiency and speed, advance protection of Canadians’ personal data, heighten cybersecurity, and help deliver better services to citizens. 88 per cent also indicated they thought modernization would result in reduced costs.

“We are witnessing an extraordinary pace of digital transformation, making the model for our Cloud Modernization Centre even more compelling,” said Dave McCann, Managing Partner of Services, IBM Canada and Director, LGS. “The public sector has a high demand for access to information, operational resiliency, speed and scalability, and we are helping them move their workloads to hybrid cloud environments and achieve those targets.”

The IBM survey revealed that the majority of tech leaders polled agree there are significant advantages to modernizing federal IT systems with cloud computing. Ninety percent feel it will improve citizen services, 89 per cent say it will strengthen cybersecurity, 86 per cent think it will help meet new regulatory requirements and deadlines, 85 per cent believe it will enable data sovereignty, and 84 per cent expect it will lower operating costs.


“Another key feature of the CMC is the IBM Garage, a globally recognized collaborative approach to fast-tracking innovation at scale that helps clients transform from the inside out and drive lasting change.”