Hosting Taking Our Kids to Work day?

CCOHS offers tips on how to keep students safe while visiting the workplace.

October 29, 2015   by PLANT STAFF

Students on the job during Take Our Kids to Work day. Photo: The Learning Partnership

Students on the job during Take Our Kids to Work day.
Photo: The Learning Partnership

HAMILTON, Ont. — It’s Take Our Kids to Work day on Nov. 4 when Grade 9 students from across Canada visit their parents’ workplaces. Prepare them to enjoy the day safely.

If you are hosting students at your plant, the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) says make safety a priority and take extra care to protect the young visitors from hazards.

Hold a workplace orientation with the students that focuses on health and safety issues relevant to your plant environment.

Supervise them for the entire time they’re at the workplace site and only allow them to participate in tasks and or have experiences for which they’ve been properly oriented.

Encourage students to speak up about health and safety concerns, ask questions, and comment on situations they observed during the day.

Free workplace health and safety resources are available on the CCOHS website and by clicking on the following links:

The New Worker Safety in Canada infographic outlines what employers can do, covers safety tips for workers and their three rights, and highlights the components of effective training methods.

• The free webinar, Ages and Stages: Working Safety and Well Together, outlines what organizations need to keep in mind when developing workplace health and safety orientation, health communication and related programs.

• The New Worker Orientation Checklist offers workplaces a guide on how to provide training to workers.

• The Young Workers Zone provides free and easy access to a comprehensive collection of credible resources in Canada for keeping kids safe on the job.

The Learning Partnership provides more information on Take Our Kids to Work day.

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