Honda’s hydrogen fuel cell sedan can power your entire house

The Clarity Fuel Cell can be refilled in three minutes and emits only water vapour from its tailpipes.



TOKYO — Honda Motor Co. unveiled its first production hydrogen-powered fuel cell sedan last week at the Tokyo Motor Show, which when paired with another fancy gizmo the automaker has developed, can produce enough electricity to power the average sized home.

The cars turn hydrogen — in a unit called the fuel cell stack — into electricity, which is fed to a lithium-ion battery pack and out to an electric motor that turns the drive wheels. The CFC is essentially an electric car that can be refuelled in three minutes and emits only water vapour from its tailpipes.

It has a range of 700 km on a single charge, which is around 50 km further than Toyota’s Mirai hydrogen offering.

When plugged into another new Honda product called the Power Exporter 9000, the car produces enough electricity to power an average home for approximately seven days, which is perfect in emergencies such as natural disasters or days-long power outages.

The Clarity Fuel Cell will be available to Japanese municipalities and businesses starting in 2016, with entry to the North American and European markets expected after that. The futuristic-looking vehicle is currently priced at $62,807.

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