Here’s how Ontario’s cap and trade plan will affect consumers

Households can expect to pay an average of $156 more for gasoline and natural gas this year.

TORONTO — How consumers will be affected by cap and trade:

  • The system directly involves industry and business, but increased costs for those emitters means that some will get passed onto the consumer.
  • Gasoline is expected to rise 4.3 cents a litre, which would cost the average driver about $8 more per month.
  • Monthly natural gas bills will go up by $6.70 for Enbridge customers, $6.17 for Union Gas customers, and $5.68 for NRG customers. Ratepayers won’t see the added cost on their natural gas bills; the Ontario Energy Board has decided it will be included in the “delivery” charge.
  • The average household is expected to pay $156 more in 2017 for gasoline and natural gas, which will rise to about $210 in 2019, plus an additional $75 in indirect costs on goods and services that year.
  • The environmental commissioner says the increased costs to consumers are likely too small to lead to major shifts toward lower-carbon lifestyles, but they are big enough to hurt low-income people, who generally contribute the least greenhouse gas emissions.

The government promises to use the expected $1.9 billion a year from cap and trade on green programs to help business and consumers, such as subsidies for home retrofits and rebates for electric vehicles.

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  1. Susan Hamilton says:

    This version of Cap and Trade is unfair for the average person in Ontario, outrageously adding to heating fuel bills. We have overpaid already for so called green Wind Energy, & gas plants. Small Ontario business, poor people & retired Ontarian’s are being punished by the Liberals lack of ethics and poor planning. Reducing nurses and healthcare, then giving free electricity and rebates to $80,000 electric car buyers.. Too much pandering to the affluent. We all need a holiday from this idiocy.

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