H2O secures Pebble Beach water treatment lease

PGA golf course to use Clearlogx to optimize filtration plant.

May 24, 2016   by PLANT STAFF

QUEBEC CITY — H2O Innovation Inc. has secured a leasing contract for its Clearlogx proprietary water treatment technology with Pebble Beach PGA golf course, Carmel Area Wastewater District, Calif.

This two-year leasing contract involves controlling and optimizing the coagulant dosing of a 7,570 cubic-metre per day membrane filtration plant.

H2O Innovation, a developer and manufacturer of water treatment technologies in Quebec City said adding Clearlogx at the Pebble Beach golf course will allow the existing membrane tertiary wastewater treatment plant to optimize its operating costs, prevent premature clogging of the submerged membranes and ultimately extend its membranes’ life.

Clearlogx is used to control the coagulant injection and to maintain a proper pH level and a stability of the particle charge in membranes.

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