Growth Tips: Sell education before you sell your products

Provide information beuers need to make wise purchasing decisions.

November 15, 2012   by ANDREW SHEDDEN

Welcome to Topsy Turvy Land where conventional industrial marketing knowledge is turned upside down.

If you are struggling to sell your products it’s because you should not be selling them just yet. Let me explain. You need to sell education first to sell more of your products.

The reason? Most of your prospective buyers are going online first to perform their early stage research. Some of them may be visiting 10 or more of your competitors’ websites and gathering information. By doing this many of your prospects are creating a mental gridlock. They have so much information they can’t even begin to figure out how to make a choice. This results in longer buying cycles as well as decisions to not buy at all.

Developing unbiased educational information for your prospects is the first step to increasing sales. This includes special reports, white papers, webinars and podcasts. Effective content educates.

The second step is to market this information to your prospects before marketing your product. Promote your unbiased, problem-solving content through all of your lead generation activities including blogging, social media, article marketing, e-mail marketing, direct mail, advertising and telemarketing.

Providing your future customers with the information they need to make wise purchasing decisions early in their buying process will make your company the logical choice.

Andrew Shedden is an industrial marketing consultant who helps manufacturing CEOs easily obtain rapid, sustainable, profitable, and guaranteed growth. For free business growth resources visit his website at

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