Growth Tips: Getting down to the basics of content marketing

What you need to start with when providing content that’s useful to potential customers.

February 13, 2014   by ANDREW SHEDDEN

Content marketing is a fairly recent phenomenon, but it’s becoming more prevalent and is proving to be effective when done properly.

The idea is simple: provide your marketplace with educational content that helps companies make wise purchasing decisions. It has a more positive effect than simply trying to sell just your offerings.

There are three main things to keep in mind.

• Don’t underestimate the difficulty or time required to produce high quality content. Many manufacturers mistakenly believe their people have all kinds of depth and an enormous knowledge base, which just has to be put on paper, converted into videos, or even audio podcasts. It’s never that simple.

• When creating content, map it to the buying process in your marketplace. For example, it could be as simple as: recognition of needs, evaluation of options, resolution of concerns, and decision. The educational needs of your prospects are very different at each stage, so one-size content does not fit all.

• If your idea of content marketing is sell sheets, brochures, videos, podcasts, or any other media that merely promotes product features or benefits, you are not engaged in content marketing. All of the content you produce should be unbiased and educational.

Content that genuinely helps is viewed as valuable, and will go a long way towards prospects having a favourable view of your company.

Andrew Shedden is an industrial marketing consultant who helps manufacturing and industrial (B2B) CEOs obtain rapid, sustainable, profitable and guaranteed growth. For free business growth resources visit

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