Growing gap between greenhouse gas projections and promises: report

Federal government says by 2030 Canada will be 66 megatonnes short of its commitments.

OTTAWA — A recently released report by the federal government to the United Nations suggests the gap is growing between Canada’s greenhouse gas promises and the likely result of its policies.

In 2016, Ottawa said its current and planned climate change policies would be 44 megatonnes short of meeting its promises under the Paris agreement.

But in its last report to the UN, just recently made public, the federal government says that by 2030 Canada will be 66 megatonnes short of living up to its commitments.

That’s a 50% increase in 18 months.

Keith Stewart of Greenpeace says that increase is likely coming from growing energy production.

The information comes as the Liberal government continues to promise a new pipeline will be built to take bitumen from Alberta’s oil sands to ports in BC.

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