GML and Framos partner to develop Life-Ready AI for 3D Industrial Vision

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Framos and GrAI Matter Labs (GML) will unite at VISION 2021 to create Life-Ready AI for Industrial Vision Platforms.

This project is based on Framos’ D435e Industrial Depth Camera and GML’s GrAI VIP (vision inference processor) and was formed to advance vision application development in robotics, automation, IoT-connected manufacturing, and more.

The Life-Ready AI for Industrial Vision Platforms will be built on GML’s development of brain-inspired computing techniques for enhanced efficiencies that leverages Framos’ stereo depth sensing technology for industrial environments through their D435e stereo depth camera.

The platform offers full bodied IP66 rated cameras, or board level modules for easy and flexible integration into industrial designs, both with M12 ethernet and M8 power connectors, and are enabled with ultra low latency AI processing for applications such as orientation and tracking for robots; navigation of autonomous transport systems (AGVs); among some of the  many possibilities.


GML and Framos will showcase the integration of the Life-Ready AI platform and D435e Industrial Depth Camera at the Vision 2021 in Stuttgart, Germany, taking place over three days starting October 5th.

“We are proud to be working with Framos to couple GML’s “Life-Ready AI” chips, state-of-the-art brain-inspired computing architecture, and Framos’ robust D400e depth camera series, to enable many types of new low latency applications in industrial manufacturing that will allow us to bring AI processing closer to where data is generated. This collaboration enables us to realize the full potential of end-point AI, allowing for actionable insights into manufacturing operations to improve productivity and lower costs.” said Christian Verbrugge, Senior Director Business Development, GML Europe.

“GML successfully reduced the footprint of AI inference at the edge, while achieving best results, speed and low latency. Together with our D400e series, the Life-Ready AI chips will enable new ways to resolve todays and tomorrows challenges in robotics and automation for our customers.” said Ferdinand Reitze, Product Manager 3D, Framos.


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