Ford, GM and Chrysler car and truck sales rev up in September

Auto sales are up 5.5% compared with the first nine months of 2013, Desrosiers automotive reports.

TORONTO — Canadians keen on new trucks helped drive auto sales up 12.6% in September compared with a year ago, according to sales data compiled by DesRosiers Automotive Consultants Inc.

The consulting firm said sales of cars and light trucks totalled 167,919 for the month, up from 149,092 in the same month last year.

The gain came as truck sales climbed 22.2% to 100,789, up from 82,497 in September 2013. Car sales amounted to 67,130, up from 66,595.

Sales for the year-to-date are up 5.5% compared with the first nine months of 2013.

“After a slight pause around the New Year, the market has been ‘on fire’ with this being the sixth month in a row where year-over-year monthly sales records have been set,” DesRosiers said in report.

“There were some eye-popping performances at an individual corporate level with 10 vehicle companies recording double digit increases during September,” said DesRosiers.

Audi led the pack with sales up by 42.3%, Mitsubishi up by 41.3%, and General Motors up by 34.4%.

The love of trucks helped boost sales of the Big Three North American automakers with Ford, Chrysler and General Motors combining to post a 17.8% increase over last year, according to DesRosiers.

Ford Motors claimed the top spot as Canada’s best-selling automaker with a 4.6% jump in total sales last month – its best September on record.

The company said it sold a combined 27,161 cars and trucks last month, compared with 25,956 a year ago.

Ford said sales were driven by its Escape and Explorer models, which climbed 26% and 31%.

Meanwhile, General Motors Canada reported sales jumped 34%. The automaker said it sold 24,555 vehicles in last month, compared with 18,270 vehicles in the same month a year ago.

Chrysler Canada also had a healthy increase in vehicle sales, after selling 23,742 vehicles in September, a 20% increase from the same month last year – thanks to the success of its light trucks and minivans.

The company’s biggest seller was the Ram pickup, which accounted for more than one-quarter of Chrysler Canada’s volume in September.

It sold about 6,590 Ram pickups, up 4.9% from September last year.

Chrysler’s various lines of trucks and minivans accounted for nearly 21,180 vehicles, up 30.4% from September 2013. However, Chrysler car sales fell 29.1% to 2,560 cars for the month.

Import nameplates combined for a 8.7% gain compared with a year ago.

Toyota said it sold 16,475 vehicles for the month, up 7.7% compared with a year ago. The gain was helped by a 25.6% increase in truck sales to 8,745 while car sales came in at 7,730.

Sales by Toyota’s luxury Lexus brand totalled 1,501, while Scion sales amounted to 359.

Meanwhile, Honda sales totalled 13,341, up from 12,449, according to DesRosiers, while its luxury Acura nameplate had sales of 1,664, up from 1,515 a year ago.

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