Wynne, Couillard pitch federal help for Bombardier

Quebec premier likens to case to federal support for the auto industry in the past.

March 2, 2016   by The Canadian Press

VANCOUVER — The premiers of Canada’s two most populous provinces have joined forces to push for federal help for Bombardier’s CSeries aircraft.

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard drew support from his Ontario counterpart in calling for Ottawa to back the airliner, saying the CSeries is important to the Canadian economy.

The province wants the federal government to join it in contributing US$1 billion to the troubled jet program at Bombardier.

Quebec has secured a 49.5% stake in the CSeries and two of five seats on a separate board after agreeing last October to the financial contribution.

Couillard says he understands it takes time for Ottawa to consider the proposal, but he likened Quebec’s case to federal support for the auto industry in the past.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne supported Couillard, telling reporters at climate change talks in Vancouver that Bombardier is an important national company.

The Liberal government has said it was continuing to evaluate the request for funding.

The narrow-body CSeries planes, which are two years late and over budget at US$5.4 billion, are set to enter into service in the coming months.

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2 Comments » for Wynne, Couillard pitch federal help for Bombardier
  1. Kent says:

    It’s nothing like the help for auto makers. A lot more people buy a lot more cars a lot more often than anyone buys airplanes.

  2. Randy says:

    Why wouldn’t the two most corrupt and indebted provinces in Canada pair up. Together they have the multi-billion dollar carbon trade scheme launching of which will be one of Canada’s biggest corruption schemes ever. The fact that Bombardier can not sell this plane and that one of their largest buyers is no longer going to be in business soon brings to question is this a good investment? You have no orders are 5.4 billion over budget and do business from Canada’s most corrupt province questions why I should be throwing any money at Quebec. Sounds more like this bail out is to fill pockets of executives in a failing company.

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