Esprit CAM introduced a computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) technology named Esprit Tng Cam, part of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division that provides manufacturers with the control to use multi-spindle and multi-channel computer-numerical-control machinery for the machining of long parts.

Esprit Tng CAM software automatically tracks the location of work offsets regardless of part position, by enabling programmers to define the offset and offset translations, or the points at which offset changes occur. In addition to enabling precise simulation, it eliminates the need for custom settings or calculations to the machine post to ensure that parts are machined accurately and makes it possible to program a bigger number of complex machining scenarios without error.

“Esprit Tng is ‘the next generation’ CAM because it provides an exact digital replica of every facet of the machining environment to help manufacturers use the world’s most sophisticated, cutting-edge machine tools with confidence,” said Olivier Thenoz, Principal Product Manager, Esprit. “The ability to accurately track parts throughout complex operations means that users can make the most of the combined power of software and machinery for advanced multi-tasking, and that they have the freedom and flexibility needed to machine exactly the way they want to.”




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