Employers don’t care so much about your degree

Workopolis study reveals what a Liberal Arts degree will actually get you after graduating.

August 6, 2014   by PLANT STAFF

TORONTO — Many Canadians believe their education qualifications are key to landing jobs in their chosen fields, but a study by Workopolis shows a candidate’s education is among the last thing employers look at.

The study by the Toronto-based online job site shows only 1% of employers use education-related keyword searches to find talent and 73% of Canadians earned degrees that are not relevant to their current jobs.

Workopolis says since 2000, Canadians have spent 13% longer in school and over that period, 16% more have acquired bachelor degrees. Post-graduate studies are also on the rise: 43% more Canadians have earned Master’s degrees, and 25% more boast a PhD.

The bachelor, masters and PhD degrees most likely to pay off with a job in a relevant field in the first year after graduating are human resources (88%), engineering (90%), computer science (91%), pharmacy (94%) and nursing (97%).


Where will your Liberal Arts degree take you?

Workopolis also took a look at what the first jobs were for graduates of some other popular disciplines that have less clearly defined career paths. A degree in liberal arts most often appeal to employers who need candidates with solid analytical and communications skills, often starting in customer-facing positions, but quickly moving into leadership roles.

Here are the most common first job titles for graduates of the following disciplines:

• Economics — Customer Service Rep, Business Analyst, Administrative Assistant, Financial Analyst, Account Manager.

• History — Administrative Assistant, Customer Service Rep, Teacher, Sales Representative, Receptionist.

• Philosophy — Administrative Assistant, Customer Service Rep, English Teacher, Sales Associate, Account Manager.

• Political Science — Administrative Assistant, Customer Service Rep, English Teacher,
Researcher, Sales Associate.

• Psychology — Administrative Assistant, Customer Service Rep, Sales Associate, Human Resources, Assistant Receptionist.

• Sociology — Customer Service Rep, Administrative Assistant, Human Resources
Assistant, Sales Representative, Receptionist.

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