Emirates new commercial includes jet packs and an A380 airliner – and it’s awesome [VIDEO]

Watch as jetpack pilots from XDubai whirl 4,000 feet above Dubai's skyline with a massive A380 jetliner.

PHOTO: XDubai/Emirates

PHOTO: XDubai/Emirates

DUBAI — Yves Rossy, also known as Jetman, is an ex-fighter pilot well known for flying a jet-propelled wing in formation with another pilot, and he’s pulled off some amazing stunts, including whirling around the world’s tallest building – Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

The latest, however, might be the most impressive. Peformed with parachuter Vince Reffet, the two pilot fly their jetpacks in formation with a massive Emirates-owned Airbus A380.

In the stunt, the pilots whirl incredibly close to the airplane flying 4,000 feet above the Dubai skyline. The A380 is the world’s largest passenger airliner, and the video gives viewers a great sense of the scale between the 238-foot long jetliner and the tiny jetpacks the pilots are flying.

Filming the incredible video wasn’t no easy task either – each detail had to be carefully planned with a team of videographers that were recording the stunt from another small plane following along.

The jetpack pilots had to use a lot of power to keep up with 380, so they could only fly for 10 minutes at a time. Strict air space parameters were enforced, and each sequence was choreographed to perfection to ensure the producers got the right shots.

Check out the amazing video below.

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