Electrovaya launches high-density, next gen lithium ion cell

Exceeds 200Wh/kg, 600% higher than lead acid batteries.

September 26, 2012

TORONTO — Electrovaya Inc. has released the next generation of its SuperPolymer technology, claiming it has one of the highest energy densities of commercial lithium batteries.

The Toronto-based developer and manufacturer of advanced batteries said the MN-eHP, the energy version of the MN-HP series, exceeds 200Wh/kg, which it “believes” is one of the highest energy densities for a commercial lithium ion cell in a large prismatic design.

The cells use electrode materials such as graphite anodes and lithium metal mixed oxide cathodes and the company says they have 50% to 70% higher energy density than typical phosphate cells, 120% higher than lithium titanate cells and about 600% higher than lead acid batteries.

Electrovaya says because the cells require fewer materials for a given energy capacity they can be produced at a lower cost. They also contain lower amounts of flammable electrolytes, making them safer.

Typical MN-HP cells are available in 30Ah to 40Ah format (110 – 150Wh) and housed in a flat polymer pouch.