Eclipse Automation launches green bike initiative

Employees cut emissions riding instead of driving between Cambridge, Ont. locations.

Green transportation: one of six Fiori Torus bicycles.  Photo: Eclipse Automation

Green transportation: one of six Fiori Torus bicycles.
Photo: Eclipse Automation

CAMBRIDGE, Ont. — Eclipse Automation is doing its bit to spare the climate from vehicle emissions that would be generated when employees travel between its local offices in Cambridge, Ont.

The supplier of custom automated manufacturing equipment is offering its workforce the use of bicycles to get around the sites and associated offices where it operates a 25,000 square-foot manufacturing facility. Eclipse makes equipment for the solar, health sciences, transportation, mining, consumer/industrial and telecommunications/electronic industries.

“Our expansion in Cambridge and United States continues to challenge us to find innovative solutions to maintain and improve efficiencies,” says company president Steve Mai. “The industrial bikes have been a simple and effective solution for commuting between our multi-facility growth initiatives in Cambridge.”

The bicycle project is aimed at helping its 175 employees become more knowledgeable about, and engaged with the company’s environmental polices and objectives.

Six Fiori Torus bicycles purchased from a local shop in Heslper for about $4,000 sport the company logo on the bike box and will be used to get to and from the custom manufacturing plant, the sports and software offices, and the automation plant where the head office is also located, all along a stretch of industrial land on Thompson Dr.

The company plans to eventually expand the initiative at its other locations.

Eclipse has expanded its operations in the US this year. Eclipse Automation Southeast LLC operates a 25,000 square-foot engineering and manufacturing operation in Charlotte, NC, and Eclipse Automation Southwest LLC in Fremont, Calif. includes engineering offices and a service shop.

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