Dominos unveils pizza delivery robot [VIDEO]

Autonomous robots can deliver pies within a 20 km radius without recharging.

March 29, 2016   by PLANT Staff

QUEENSLAND, Australia — Global pizza giant Dominos is testing a delivery robot in New Zealand, the company announced last week, describing the technology as a world first.

The driverless units were developed in Australia and are just under a metre high, equipped with a heated compartment that holds up to 10 pizzas. Customers unlock the compartment when it arrives using a code given to them when they order.

Dominos says the robot can deliver pies within a 20 kilometre radius before they need to return a store to recharge. The Domino Robotic Unit (DRU) is battery powered and uses on-board sensors to avoid obstacles.

The company has been secretly testing the four-wheeled robots in Queensland, Australia, having earned support from the Australian government and necessary permissions to operate autonomous vehicles from the Queensland Department of Transport.


DRU was built by Australian defense robot company Marathon Robotics, a firm which has primarily built autonomous “moving targets” for defence and law enforcement to use in target practice.

Check out the report from IGN News below to see DRU in action.

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