Cyber crime top concern for Alberta companies

PwC confidence index shows overall business confidence is steady.

CALGARY — Although economic crime has risen nationally according to 37% Canadian companies, Alberta companies report fewer instances than their national peers but cyber crime is a top concern, according to PwC’s latest bimonthly Business and Consumer Confidence Index.

Alberta businesses are most concerned about cyber threats, including lack of data security (68%) followed by the inability to protect intellectual property (50%), and bribery and corruption (25%).

Advisory firm PwC Canada says one-in-five Albertans has been a victim of some sort of identity theft or fraud in the past 12 months. They have most commonly been victim to credit card fraud (8%) and hacking of their e-mail account (8%).

The overall index increased by two points and the confidence in fiscal conditions (specific government policies) index increased sharply with close to a 30% increase since August.

Business confidence remains steady with minimal decreases across these indices: future interest rates (-2.6%), future business conditions (-6.1%), future unemployment (-2.5%), and current business conditions (-3%).

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