CubicFarm Systems introduces an indoor growing system

September 1, 2021   Maryam Farag

Photo: CubicFarm Systems Corp.

CubicFarm Systems Corp., a local chain agricultural technology company, announced a project to deliver a new commercial scale FreshHub with 96 CubicFarm System modules.

“The CubicFarms FreshHub is the real breakthrough design of the ag-tech industry because it dramatically shortens the long supply chain and localizes food production,” said Dave Dinesen, CEO, CubicFarms. “On just one acre of land, this new FreshHub will grow the equivalent of 100 acres of field production. We’re exponentially increasing commercial scale growing with a scalable solution that grows superior, more nutritious fresh produce without any pesticides or herbicides. Growing locally eliminates truckloads of produce arriving from far away, so the food that ends up on your table is affordable, better for you, stays fresher for longer, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions from shipping.”

The company has received a CAD$1.2-million-deposit from a private investor group for the FreshHub purchase and installation in the Lower Mainland area of Vancouver, British Columbia.

“FreshHub meets the increasing demand for more reliable and sustainable independent local food supply with high-density, cost-efficient food production,” said Jeff Booth, Chair, CubicFarms. “By delivering high quality fresh produce at a price that beats traditional growing, FreshHub becomes a true contender to break our reliance on long chain food supply and provides additional advantages, like growing more nutritious produce in any climate without the challenges of drought or climate change.”


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