CSA launches cybersecurity testing services for manufacturers

Program designed to help businesses mitigate cybersecurity risks.

TORONTO — CSA Group will now provide cybersecurity testing services to help manufacturers identify potential issues early in the product design phase and implement security measures to mitigate potential cyber risk.

CSA Group, the global organization that provides testing, says its services will include gap analysis, security development lifecycle assurance, embedded device security assurance, and bench testing.

“These tests and evaluations are based on international standards, ISO 27000 Security Management Standards, IEC 62433 Cybersecurity Standards and NIST Guide 800 series,” says Stephen Brown, Director of Innovation for CSA Group. “These tests will provide greater assurance that the products being delivered to the market have the highest confidence against vulnerabilities.”

CSA recently published a whitepaper that discusses the vital need to have cybersecurity protocols and design considerations in place to support safety-related solutions in commercial or residential buildings and industrial control processes.

Download the whitepaper here.

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