CO2, GasTran Systems partner on cheaper carbon capture tech

Joint solution expected to significantly reduce capital costs and expand market opportunities.

QUEBEC CITY — CO2 Solutions Inc. will partner Cleveland-based Cleveland Gas Systems, LLC, dba GasTran Systems, a provider of high-intensity gas-liquid rotating packed bed (RPB) mass transfer technology, to commercialize an advanced carbon capture system that combines the two companies’s technologies.

Synergies observed during initial joint testing, at a scale of approximately 0.5 tonnes of CO2 captured per day, show potential for capture equipment 20 times smaller than conventional equipment. This would reduce capital costs and increase applicability where space and footprint considerations are important, such as power plants and refineries.

The tests conducted on the combined solution build further on the results achieved by CO2 Solutions’ pilot work announced in April.

Capture costs, based on conventional packed-column equipment, were found to be below the US Department of Energy 2025 CO2 targets, ten years ahead of schedule.

Using the RPB technology, CO2 expects further reductions in capital and operating costs.

Under the terms of the Agreement, GTS will work exclusively with CO2 Solutions in the field of CO2 capture, and will provide RPB units for CO2 Solutions’ demonstration and commercial projects.

The GTS RPB technology is based on increasing, by orders of magnitude, the effective surface area of a liquid to facilitate gas absorption and maximizing the amount of a gas to be absorbed by the liquid phase. It is being used in other gas-liquid mass transfer applications, such as deaeration of liquids in the beverage industry, and in large-scale chemical production.

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