CME’s Jayson Myers resigns as president and CEO

Plans to finalize association's Industrie 2030 campaign before departure in September.

OTTAWA — Jayson Myers, the president and CEO of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME), is leaving his post after nine years leading Canada’s largest manufacturing association.

According to a note released March 24, Myers intends to leave CME in September, ending a 25-year career with the organization. He is also the chairman of the Canadian Manufacturing Coalition, an alliance of 50 major industry associations that works to address priority issues affecting Canada’s manufacturing sector.

“I have had an incredible 25 years with CME. I am hugely proud of CME’s accomplishments and of the great team of people whom I have led, who have achieved so much and who have made CME the best, most powerful, and most influential business association in Canada,” Myers said in the note.

He added that he will focus on successfully concluding the association’s Industrie 2030 campaign, which the CME is developing as a national advanced manufacturing strategy.

“Over the next six months, the idea is to engage manufacturers and governments at all levels, as well as key stakeholders including schools and services companies to bring everybody together to determine where manufacturing is going and develop some strategies to come up with some recommendations as to what we can be doing going forward,” he said.

CME will also use the exercise to examine how it services its more than 10,000 members.

“[Myers] has been our best advocate in my history at the CME,” said Rob Hattin, CEO of ProVantage Automation in Grimsby, Ont. and past CME chair of the national board of directors. “He’s been able to articulate policy that’s not only good for manufacturers, but also the Canadian economy. He has the royal jelly, and his successor will have huge shoes to fill.”

Hattin added that the CME board has struck a transition board and will work over the next six months to find a replacement.

“He’s given us ample opportunity to give the CME time to find a proper replacement and provide us with the guidance we need.”

Myers is a well-known economic commentator, with expertise in Canadian and international economics, and technological and industrial change.

“It’s important for me to pass the torch to someone who can come into a leadership role and work over the next decade to implement some of those priorities,” he added in an interview with PLANT. “I love the manufacturing and exporting sectors, and the next stage of my career will certainly be tied closely to them.”

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