CME manufacturing centre opens in Saskatoon

Will support SMEs in productivity, workforce/skills development and innovation.

SASKATOON — The manufacturing sector employs over 28,000 people in Saskatchewan, but officials have said it doesn’t receive enough attention when compared to mining and farming.

That is why the is a Saskatchewan Manufacturing Centre of Excellence being built in Saskatoon, aimed at closing the gaps and addressing critical impediments to growth in the industry.

Michelle Rempel, minister of State for Western Economic Diversification, was in Saskatoon to announce funding for the project, provided through the Western Diversification Program.

Derek Lothian, vice-president of the Saskatchewan Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters says the group’s centre is filling a gap in support services and programming to get people interested in the industry.

He related the current situation to a three-legged stool where two legs are being maintained, but now it is time to take care of the third one.

Some of the products being manufactured include parts being used in the aerospace and defence sector.

The Centre will provide support for small- and medium-sized manufacturers throughout Saskatchewan in three core areas: Productivity Improvement, Workforce & Skills Development, and Innovation. The Centre will also develop and implement programming to connect Aboriginal participants to career opportunities in manufacturing.

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