Ccell launches line of disposable vaporizers

September 8, 2021   Maryam Farag

Photo: Ccell.

Ccell announced the launch of a new line of disposable vaporizers in 0.5 ml and 0.3 ml tank sizes.

This new line of products includes four devices and is designed with Ccell vaporizing technology, the OWA, Poché, Slym, and Memento offer slim and lightweight, yet stylish, designs.

The vaporizers feature medical-grade 316L stainless steel cartridge components that resist corrosion.

“Ccell is seeing a growing trend in demand for disposable vaporizers. Consumers want to be able to try these products on a small scale, without a major financial commitment, and our new line of disposables allows them to do that,” said Joe S., Vice-President, Ccell. “By providing high-quality and safe offerings, coupled with the patented Ccell vaporizing technology, we ensure customers a carefree experience.”


Options include:

  • OWA: Designed with a sleek round-fit mouthpiece, OWA comes with a 0.5ml visible tank.
  • Poché: A signature matte finish with an easy-to-grip surface, paired with a 0.5ml visible tank design.
  • Slym: With a 0.3ml capacity and fine metal housing, Slym is one of the thinnest disposables ever created. Equipped with premium battery, its shelf-life is up to one year, another feature that outshines other disposables.
  • Memento: Memento highlights smooth draws. The prolonged shelf-life of up to one year makes the 0.3ml Memento a hassle-free experience.