Canada’s future depends on bold bets made today: Deloitte

Report identifies three areas for acute focus for government, business and academia.

June 15, 2017   by PLANT STAFF

TORONTO — Happy 150th Canada! This may be a great place to live and work but Deloitte warns that GDP growth of just 1.4% and productivity that lags key competitors risks a decline in Canada’s standard of living if government and business don’t make changes.

The advisory group talked with government and business leaders about their vision of the country at 175. Its Bold Bets for our country report identifies three areas on which government, business and academia must focus:

• Invest in areas where there is a current and potential competitive advantage, and unite behind them to create global champions. Avoid thinly spreading resources across many sectors and areas.

• Dramatically accelerate global engagement. Leverage Canada’s openness and diversity to position areas of competitive advantage within a global flow of ideas, goods and talent. Supplement the “nice” brand with aggressive actions.

• Disrupt the education system to create a global skills training powerhouse that will equip Canadians for increasing technological disruption. Business must take the leading role in educating and training competitive workers.

Bold Bets for our country: It’s time for deliberate action is part of a series of reports under the Canada at 175 banner, which presents Deloitte’s perspective on the future of the country.

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