Bubba Watson, Oakley unveil golf jet pack [VIDEO]

BW-Air reaches speeds up to 46 mph at 3,000 feet of altitude.

Bubba Watson has a thing about alternative modes of golf transportation.

The two-time Masters champ has already glided over fairways, bunkers and water hazards in a custom built (and really expensive) hovercraft. But now he wants to make his way around the course by…air.

In a new stunt video from sportswear giant Oakley and marketing company Thinkmodo to celebrate the return of golf to the Olympics, a trained pilot boards what looks like a tiny rocket ship, lifts off and flies over Methven golf course in New Zealand.

Martin Aircraft produced the BW-Air (for Bubba Watson – Air), which can reach speeds up to 46 mph at 3,000 feet of altitude. The jet pack runs on regular gas and makes as much noise as a high-powered motorcycle. It takes off and lands vertically, and would be useful in for first responders. Martin said it hopes to start selling the jet packs to fire, police and rescue units by the end of this year.

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  1. Peter J. Paine says:

    I hope this is a joke. We really don’t need any more air pollution.
    My view is that all gas powered lawn mowers should be completely banned in cities due to the poor maintenance of these lawn mowers and the tremendous amounts of pollutants they put out especially in summer when air quality is not good. Don’t believe me? Then just get a smell of the emissions (unburnt hydrocarbons) from lawn mowers.
    P J Paine

  2. Can you imagine. It now takes the average of 4.5 hours to play a round. That’s for golfers who determine yardage, select a club, fire away, stare at the result and restore your club. Lets add in putting on and taking off your helmet, strapping and unstrapping yourself in, removing yourself from a tree because of idiot pilots and accidents and collision between players. Now what are we dealing with. Bubba is really a joker!!!! Hail to the golfer and may the game survive. Lastly, Bubba go back to the swamps of Louisiana or wherever you came from. Your ideas suck!

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