BioteQ Sells mobile Sulf-IX pilot plant to Newalta

Strategic partner will use the plant to apply the technology at existing and new sites.

April 12, 2013   by PLANT STAFF

VANCOUVER — BioteQ Environmental Technologies Inc. has sold its share of the mobile Sulf-IX pilot plant it jointly owned to partner Newalta for $500,000.

The pilot plant, built in 2012, provides on-site field testing for sulphate removal from industrial wastewater.

BioteQ, a Vancouver-based wastewater treatment company and Newalta, a Calgary-based environmental services company, commissioned the plant during the first quarter and it’s currently testing water streams at a prospective customer site in the US.

When testing is finished in the second quarter, Newalta will assume full ownership of the plant and will deploy the unit to assess opportunities to apply BioteQ’s Sulf-IX technology at both existing and new customer sites in North America.


Under the terms of the agreement, Newalta will provide operating services for pilot plant campaigns while BioteQ provides on-site process and technical oversight during testing.

The plant, with a flow rate of 600 m3/day, reduces total dissolved solids (TDS) in wastewater by removing calcium and sulphate. The company describes the process as being based on ion exchange technology that incorporates a cation exchange circuit and an anion exchange circuit. Selective, strong acid cationic ion exchange resins and weak base anion exchange resins are used to produce clean water and a clean gypsum product.

Up to 99% of water the water is recovered for re-use. The only water lost is from moisture in the gypsum cake.

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