Biosa invests in N95 and N99 mask production and PPE material

August 11, 2021   Maryam Farag

Biosa Technologies is investing over $1.23 million in the development, manufacturing and distribution of non-woven filtration material for N95 and N99 mask production and other PPE products, with support of over $615,000 provided through the Ontario Together Fund.

“Through the Ontario Together Fund, our government is making targeted investments in domestic businesses with the ideas and solutions to help us through this pandemic and put us on the road to economic recovery,” said Vic Fedeli, Minister, Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade. “BIOSA and their new capacity to scale up production of an advanced material for use in masks and other PPE products is another example of Ontario innovation at its very best. Ontario manufacturers continue to enhance our resilience to respond to any challenge while strengthening our economy.”

Biosa, a biotechnology research and development firm, developed a filtration product with a pore size that is a fifth the size of the pores in current N95 masks, providing reliable anti-viral and anti-bacterial protection even when wet, unlike current medical-grade masks. Composed from excess agricultural waste, the material is resistant to humidity, can be worn for extended periods, is compostable and can be cleaned for future use.

“We’re thrilled to receive OTF funding – we’ve been working hard to bring advanced manufacturing processes to Ontario and this investment has allowed us to build out our capabilities and bring much-needed materials to Canada’s local supply chain,” said Dr. Nicholas Ledra, CEO, Biosa. “We strongly believe in Canadians’ health and safety and preserving our environment, so our focus will always be on replacing harmful or wasteful products with eco-friendly, efficient solutions. Through this investment, we can have an even greater impact through our advanced PPE material, as well as pursue novel applications of it for HVAC filtration in schools and hospitals. We’re excited to see where the technology can go.”