Biorem gets $1.2M to advance its VOC technology

September 13, 2010   by PLANT STAFF

Biorem’s system combines biological technology with activated regenerable carbon to treat VOCs.

Photo: Biorem

GUELPH, Ont.: The Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation is awarding $1.2 million from its Innovation Demonstration Fund (IDF) to support the development of Biorem Inc.’s volatile organic compound (VOC) treatment technology.


In a related development, the Guelph, Ont.-based developer of air emissions technologies is installing a prototype VOC treatment system at Polycon Industries (a Magna International division). The 5,000 cfm system going into the automotive parts manufacturer’s Guelph facility is designed to remove 95% of  VOCs while reducing greenhouse gases and is to be operational by this fall.

“We believe our technology will be the solution of choice in a market we estimate at more than $1.6 billion globally,” said Peter Bruijns, president and CEO of Biorem.
“We have established our sales channels, particularly in North America and China, and expect our VOC treatment systems will drive significant growth in the coming years as this technology gains market share.”

The company said funding will also aid in the development of high performance biological systems for low concentration VOC streams, which are present in composting and sewage treatment plants.

Biorem’s two-stage biofiltration technology involves a biofilter that takes pollutants out of the air and makes them soluable in water where they are digested by bacteria. Its systems are used to eliminate odours, volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants, and for the conditioning of biogas renewable energy.

VOCs are emitted from virtually every manufacturing process and are major contributors to poor air quality in urban areas.

Thermal oxidization through incineration has been the traditional way to handle the scrubbing of VOC emissions, but this method when applied using fossil fuels results in significant greenhouses gas emissions. Biorem claims its technology also lowers plant-operating costs by more than 40%.

The company also has offices in Victor, NY and Beijing, China.

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