BioLogiQ announces NuPlastiQ BioBlend for use in polypropylene non-woven applications

September 1, 2021   Maryam Farag

Photo: BioLogiQ, Inc.

BioLogiQ, Inc., a manufacturer of plant-based biopolymers for use in the production of plastic products, has developed a NuPlastiQ BioBlend for use with polypropylene in Spun Bond Fabric, Melt-Blown Fabric, and Fiber for Yarn non-woven applications.

Furthermore, BioLogiQ has demonstrated the use of this new BioBlend in both monofilament and sheath/core fiber structures.

“This is a game changer available today, offering affordable bio-based drop-in content that also increases wettability,” said Steven Sherman, CEO, BioLogiQ. “This development is further validation of BioLogiQ’s technology innovation and the versatility of an already powerful biopolymer that will enable our customers to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and reduce plastic pollution if leaked into the environment.”

NuPlastiQ BioBlend has been engineered to combine with polypropylene to produce a myriad of competitive non-woven products that can reduce or eliminate the use of toxic chemicals.