BioExx aces first full protein production run

September 8, 2010   by PLANT STAFF

TORONTO: BioExx Specialty Proteins Ltd. has successfully produced commercial-scale canola protein isolate during the first complete end-to-end production run at its Saskatoon plant.

BioExx, a Toronto-based industrial food processing company, said the protein was tested in its lab for purity and was corroborated at the independent testing facilities operated by POS Pilot Plant Corp. as above 90%.

The company expects yield to fluctuate within a small range as adjustments are made leading to continuous operation, when they’re expected to meet or exceed targets.

The protein isolate was produced using each of the plant’s three full-scale commercial sections (pressing, extraction and protein processing).

The run included batch and for the first time, continuous processing and was the largest so far using 2.5 tonnes of seeds.

BioExx said a methodical ramp-up will focus on:

• Moving from batch to fully continuous production, initially at low volumes.

• Completing work on ancillary systems required for food grade production (such as packaging, pasteurization and automated cleaning systems).

• Ramping continuous production volumes first to a 24/4 level and then, as staffing is increased and certification is completed, to 24/7.

• Extending the existing plant HACCP/GMP/ISO certifications to include the extraction and protein sections of the plant.

“We still have much work ahead of us to bring the plant to full continuous operation and food grade sales over the balance of the year, but the remaining steps are largely incremental and operational matters,” said BioExx CEO Chris Carl.

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