Big Three automakers report uptick in January sales

Truck sales pick up the slack from dwindling car sales.

February 4, 2015   by The Canadian Press

TORONTO — Canada’s three biggest automakers all saw their sales rise in January, but two of them reported dwindling car sales while sales of trucks picked up the slack.

Chrysler Canada sold 18,054 vehicles in January, up 2% from the 17,698 it sold a year ago. While truck sales edged up 8.5% to 16,306 from 15,023, car sales slipped nearly 35% to 1,748, from 2,675.

Ford Canada also saw its car sales shrink while truck sales grew.

The automaker sold 1,994 cars in January, down 28.5% from the 2,787 it sold a year ago. However, truck sales climbed 7.2% to 12,597, from 11,746 previously. In total, Ford sold 14,591 vehicles in January, up slightly from 14,533 a year ago.

General Motors sold 11,577 vehicles, a 5.3% increase from a year ago, when it sold 10,991. Truck sales grew by 5.7% to 8,753 from 8,283, while car sales increased by 4.3% to 2,824, from 2,708.

Meanwhile, Nissan sold 7,122 vehicles, a 12% boost from January 2014, when it sold 6,360.

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