Beware of eyewear fogging, an industrial safety hazard

Honeywell whitepaper covers the risks and describes innovations.

January 30, 2017   by PLANT STAFF

SMITHFIELD, RI — Eyewear fogging is a safety problem for industrial workers who find their vision obscured in the workplace or remove their safety glasses, in both cases, potentially placing themselves in harm’s way.

Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions, part of industrial technology company Honeywell International, has published a white paper on the subject.

Full disclosure: the company is pitching its Uvex HydroShield anti-fog lens coating, but the seven-pager does cover risks and details innovations that extend fog-free performance.

Download THINK LENS FOGGING’S NO BIG DEAL? Think Again: Safety, Productivity and Your Bottom Line Are At Risk here.

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