BC LNG decision faces 90 day delay for environmental review

Federal government wants developers to take more time to clarify pollution-reduction and construction plans.

VICTORIA — Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says the creation of a liquefied natural gas industry offers a significant economic opportunity for BC and Canada, which is why more time is needed to get it right.

McKenna has granted the federal environmental review agency an extra three months to review pollution-prevention plans for the proposed $36-billion Pacific NorthWest LNG export facility in northern BC.

McKenna says she wants to give the project developers, who are backed by Malaysian state-owned energy giant Petronas, more time to clarify its pollution-reduction and construction plans before she presents the project to the federal cabinet for approval.

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency issued a draft report last month that concludes the plant can be built without major environmental impacts, but it’s now reviewing 34,000 public comments and new information provided by Pacific NorthWest LNG.

BC government officials have been dispatched to Ottawa to discuss and clarify project details with officials.

BC’s Natural Gas Development Minister Rich Coleman says the project has the potential to create thousands of construction jobs and generate billions of dollars in revenues.

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  1. Randy says:

    I’m curious to know how much foreign money has been invested in Canada as in the green sector to replace the billions chased away by this Liberal government. It appears the Liberal government is on course to lose 30-40 billion in capital by delaying this project ANOTHER three months. Petronas gave them until the end of the month. Will the Trudeau Liberal government come clean and explain to Canadians where they plan to find the 30-40 billion in lost investment? Or is it their plan just to go to the pockets of Canadians again to fund their corrupt perversion of economics?

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